Vacant Positions
Hereunder are the DILG Bohol List of Vacant Positions for your information and guidance:


Total Needed

Position Type

Date Posted

Minimum Qualifications

Engineer III 19 Regular 2015-05-26 1. Minimum of 5-year experienceon preparation of feasibility study, preparation of detailed engineering design, procurement, and construction supervision and operations and maintenance.

2 Licensed Civil Engineer/ Mechanical Engineer
Engineer II 16 Regular 2015-05-27 1. License Civil/Mechanical Engineer
2. With at least two (3) years experience preferably on roads projects
3. Knowledgeable in the review of Program of Works (POW) and items of work on roads and bridges
Information System analyst 10 Regular 2015-05-27 1. Must be bachelor's degree relevant to the job.

Be advised that the Office will hire technical personnel on Contract of Services basis for the implementation of the Locally-Funded Projects.

Their monthly compensation shall be fixed in accordance with the Salary Standardization Law, and the same shall be charged against OPDS Funds.

Please ensure the widest dissemination of this invitation to apply for aforementioned positions through the LGUs under your respective areas of responsibility. Interested applicants must submit their letter intent with supporting documents, to DILG-7 Regional Office, not later than June 1, 2015.

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Attached Agencies

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