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Operational Planning and Programming Framework (OPIF)

The Department Medium Term Development Bank (MTDP) and the priority agenda of the SILG are the primary bases in crafting the DILG Operations Plans and Budget (OPB) for FY 2011.

The Projects and activities of each operating unit shall, therefore, be geared towards the attainment of the performance targets of the Department’s MTDP and of the SILG’s priority agenda. The Department shall have the following performance targets in CY 2011 categorized by Organizational and Program outcomes:

Organizational Outcome 1:
Improved Institutional Ability of LGUs in Achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)

Program Outcomes:
1. Empowered and Accountable LGUs
2. Disaster Resilient LGUs
3. Competitive and Business Friendly LGUs
4. Conflict-free and Safe Communitie
5. Strengthened Internal Governance Capacity

Organizational Outcome 2:
Sustained Peace and Order Condition and Ensured Public Safety

Program Outcomes:
1. Reduction in Crime Incidents and Improvement in Crime Solution Efficiency
2. Reduction in Fire Incidents, Victims and Damages to Properties

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