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LGU Profile

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Basic Profile

LGU Income Class(2014): First Class
Population (2014): 104,862
Total Land Area (in has): 3,270
No. of Households (2014): 20,972

Financial Profile

IRA Share (2014): 235,195,730.00
Locally-Sourced Revenues(2014): 230,302,137.44
Other Revenues (2014): 22,883,277.09
Total LGU Income (2014): 488,381,144.53

Legislative Profile

Presence of the following :
-Codes of General Ordinances (January 29,2007-last update)
-Revenue Code (November 27,1996 -last update)
-Local Investment and Incentive Code(October 24,2002-last update)
-Code for Children(November 17,2006-last update)
-Gender and Development Code(May 11, 2007-last update)
-Environmental Code (January 19,1998-last update)
-Zoning Ordinance (February 20,2003-last update)

Development Planning

Presence of the following :
-Comprehensive Development Plan (January 24,2014 -last update)
-Comprehensive Land Use Plan (ongoing)
-Local Development Investment Program (January 24,2014-last update)
-Annual Investment Program(October 1,2013-last update)


As of December 2014, there were fifty-three(53) CSOs accredited by the Sanggunian and seven(7) of which were representatives in the Local Development Council.

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