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VII Bohol Alburquerque Implementation of Coastal Resource Management Program 2001 Formulated and adopted the CRM Code and plan, provided regular budget, hired Bantay Dagat personnel top monitor and apprehend the illegal fishers, preserved the Marine Sanctuary and actively participated in CLEC 8 activities. All coastal barangays (Bahi, San Agustin, West Poblacion, East Poblacion, Sta. Filomena, and Tagbuane). Ms. Dolores Cagoco – OIC/MAO
VII Bohol Alburquerque Implementation of Integrated Solid Waste Management Program. 2004 Formulated the ISWM Code and plan; provision of regular budget; conducted composting training, garbage collection and established composting facility. Hired two consultants, 5 garbage collection crews, street and market cleaners; regular schedule of garbage collection; collected garbage fees to households and commercial establishments; participated coastal clean-up; strengthened Purok System, conducted annual barangay and purok evaluations; and annual recognition and awarding for performing barangays and puroks during Foundation Celebration. Municipal wide Ms. Leila M. Café – MPDC
VII Bohol Alburquerque Basic Education Reforms Program 2011 Created the Project Management Team, created & strengthened the Barangay School Board, through an Executive Orders; conducted Annual Education Summit in knowing the current state of education, assessing and planning for reforms interventions; conducted Parents’ Summit, Parent Effectiveness Trainings in schools and Teachers’ Trainings in Science and English through collaborations/linkages with other institutions; drafting & submission of proposal to Synergia; implemented strategies identified and recommended. Strategies implemented resulted to the continuous improvement of School District Performance as recorded. Alburquerque Central Elementary School (ACES)and San Roque High School (SRHS) Ms. Rachel B. Igcalinos – ACES School Principal Dr. Ambrosio N. Fuerzas – SRHS Principal
VII Bohol Batuan - STAC (Stimulation and Therapeutic Activity Center) 2007 Therapeutic Center for Special Children Poblacion Sur, Batuan Ms. Zeniza Bulalaque (09279544239) Operational
VII Bohol Batuan Expanded LACLEBEA (Land Clean Beautiful) 2009 An activity participated by the schools and baranggay which aims to promote friendly environment. It evaluates the following sectors- Environment, Economic, Social (Education, Health, Child Friendly),), and Governance. Batuan Ms. Zenisa Bulaqueque(09279544239) Annual Activity
VII Bohol Antequera None
VII Bohol Buenavista Buenavista Community College 2004 The Buenavista Community College started in 2001 as an extension class of the Central Visayas State College of Agriculture, Forestry and Technology ( now the Bohol Island State and University –Bilar Campus ) This learning institution is presently operated by LGU Buenavista through Mun. Ordinance No. 2, Series of 2004. The Commission on Higher Education-Region 7 had granted Buenavista Community College (BCC) of this town in Bohol the government authority to operate and offer five programs, effective academic year 2010-2011. The authority to operate and to offer programs-contained in CHEDRO-7 Order no.10, series of 2011 dated May 18, 2011-was issued on May 30, 2011 by regional director Dr. Amelia Biglete. Cangawa, Buenavista,Bohol Dr. Rena R. Duello This is an LGU Economic Enterprise
VII Bohol Calape None None None None None
VII Bohol Catigbian LGU Tourism – Dagook Adventure Tour Experience (D.A.T.E) Park June 17, 2011 Poblacion Weste, Catigbian, Bohol One of the flagship project under the Abatan Cluster is the Development of Abatan Upstream Eco Tour now dubbed as D.A.T.E. Park ( Dagook Adventure Tour Experience) at Catigbian, Bohol. The new tourism product of the Local Government Unit of Catigbian has been developed to promote the sustainable management of the Abatan River and at the same time encourage community participation and involvement in the conservation, preservation and management of the environment and protection of cultural heritage. It will compliment the Abatan River Life Tour which is a new tourism investment of Bohol launched on year 2010 . Poblacion Weste, Catigbian, Bohol Mrs. Ardissa Estavilla (09285033424) As of today, some features and adventure rides of the facility is temporarily closed for public use since it was damaged by the 7.2 magnitude earthquake last October 2013.
VII Bohol Danao Danao Adventure PArk 2005 “Extremely natural, Naturally extreme” adventure park with eco-adventure attractions. Magtangtang, Danao, Bohol Mitzi P. Galvez/ 0917-302-1700
VII Bohol Dauis The LGU has good practices in local governance but there are still issues and concerns that need to be resolved for it to be worth in the GO-FAR/LEPM.
VII Bohol Getafe None None None None None None
VII Bohol Balilihan Countryside Action Program (CAP) 1989 It is a holistic approach in social development anchored on man’s basic needs. A collaborative and integrated effort of the Local Government Unit (LGU), line agencies, Non-Government Unit (NGO’s) Peoples Organizations and the mass base working hand on hand to effect change and development, CAP is focused on MAN and the improvement of his quality of life in an atmosphere of peace and equality. Throughout the whole municipality Mr. Christopher Leonides P. Racho - MPDC 2 times GOLD AWARDEE (Governance on Local Democracy)
VII Bohol Panglao Work Force Development Program 2013 Skills Training of Unemployed & Underemployed Labor Force to set them hired in various Local Tourism Establishments Panglao Apolinar Fudalan # 09274213406 Some of the TESDA graduates were already hired.
VII Bohol Balilihan Health and Management Information System (HAMIS) through the Purok Network 1992 Delivery of basic health services through the 186 Puroks Main Health Center- Del Carmen Weste through the 186 Puroks of the municipality Mr. Christopher Leonides P. Racho – MPDC 2 times GOLD awardee of the DOH Health & Management Information System (HAMIS)
VII Bohol Balilihan Seal of Good Housekeeping 2011 a strategy LGU-Balilihan MLGOO/MPDC Conferred by DILG 2011, 2012 & 2014
VII Bohol Balilihan Seal of Good Financial Housekeeping 2013 LGU-Balilihan MLGOO/MPDC Conferred by DILG 2013
VII Bohol Jagna Jagna Emergency Medical and Rescue Unit (JEMRU) 2010 The Jagna Emergency Medical and Rescue Unit (JEMRU) was created thru Executive Order No. 9 Series of 2010 by the Honorable Mayor Fortunato R. Abrenilla. It was then under the supervision of the Municipal Disaster Coordinating Council. The JEMRU’s composition as stated in the executive order are the Municipal Fire Marshal serving as the chairperson with membership of the Jagna Fire Station personnel, Municipal Health Office personnel and trained paramedics. Thru Executive Order No. 15, s. 2014, JEMRU was reconstituted. In the EO the Municipal Health Officer is the co-chairperson of the municipal fire marshal. Its membership expanded to include the Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council (MDRRMC) action officer, JEMRU personnel, Municipal Social Welfare and Development Officer (MSWDO) and personnel with the Jagna trained divers who are on call in status. The JEMRU’s expanded function and duties under the reconstitution includes a) training of all volunteers as first responders and emergency medical technician, water rescue and survival; b) advise the municipal mayor on rescue operations and evacuation plans and options prior to the expected disaster; c) coordinate with the Municipal Engineer’s Office, Bureau of Fire Protection, Philippine National Police, MSWDO and the office of the mayor in all disaster operations; d) check all medical emergency kits of BHS as well as vehicle and equipment to be used in emergency situation; e) coordinate with the MDRRMC on the procedures and purpose of the emergency rescue in times of emergency; f) to use the ambulance of the municipal health officer and/or any vehicle available for use; g) to conduct seminars on medical emergency and rescue operations in all barangays; h) to respond immediately when called upon to help or to assist in any life threatening emergencies; and i) to formulate plans, reports and assessment to be submitted to the Municipal Mayor for his information and guidance. The JEMRU is lodged in the MDRRMC Operations Center under the supervision of the MDRRMC. The staff includes 1 paramedic personnel, driver and volunteers. Regular health personnel and the MDRRMC Action Officer are on an on call status. To ensure an effective and efficient rescue operation, the JEMRU follow guidelines and protocol on disaster preparedness, management and rehabilitation program. Jagna Municipal Bldg., Jagna, Bohol Engr. Gerry V. Araneta, MPDC/LDRRMO 038-531-8005 09198878611 / 0922-2001198
VII Bohol Mabini Establishment of a Nutri-Processing Center December 2012 LGU Initiated the establishment of a Nutri-Processing Center whereby vegetables like squash and malunggay are made into processed food like noodles, chips and coffee. The building was donated by DIWA Partylist and counterfunded by LGU Mabini. The Mabini Federated Rural Improvement Clubs (MFRIC), one of the accredited People’s Organization,operate the food processing of squash noodles, coffee malunggay, squash chips, fresh miki out of malunggay and squash. The DIWA Partylist help the MFRIC market the said food products. Even at its early stage of operation, the Nutri-Processing Center showed positive results. It has proven itself a viable and sustainable source of livelihood. Beside MNC Office, Mabini, Bohol Mrs. Maria Royana M. Millana/ 09173006463
VII Bohol Maribojoc The LGU-Led Cadastral Survey/Simultaneous Systematic Adjudication Project of Maribojoc, 2009 The Local Government Unit of Maribojoc’s LGU-Led Cadastral Survey/ Simultaneous Systematic Adjudication Project was conferred as one of the Ten Outstanding Local Governance Programs in the Galing Pook Awards 2011. It is an on-going Land Cadastral Survey in all Barangays – in collaboration with the Land Administration and Management Project (LAMP) of the DENR. In January 2009, DENR and the local government signed the MOA that details their responsibilities.In the agreement between the two parties, LGU Maribojoc would oversee the over-all conduct of the cadastral survey and land titling; appoint community development assistants (CDAs) and adjudicators; provide budget for CDAs and adjudicators, office supplies, computers, transportation expenses, office space; conduct initial sketching in coordination with the survey team; mediate initially on land disputes; conduct info dissemination; and mobilize barangay officials to assist survey team in their respective areas. DENR-PENRO Bohol’s responsibilities were: to provide technical supervision and survey team; to monitor the actual progress of the survey together with the LGU; to verify the completed survey to avoid overlapping; to approve technical descriptions of the cadastral surveys; to determine barangay boundaries; to provide cadastral map of the approved survey; to delineate/exclude land as considered salvaged zones, watersheds, municipal/barangay roads; to train LGU personnel assigned as CDAs and adjudicators; and to process free patent applications (FPAs) with DENR-Project Implementation Office and the Register of Deeds.Since the project started, land valuation has appreciated and there has been a significant increase in Real Property Tax (RPT) collection. Years before project implementation, the town only collected P258,137.24 in 2000 and P677,016.08 in 2008. However, in 2009, the annual RPT collections totalled to P1,088,789.64 and from January to May this year, the local government has an RPT collection of P792,949.88. The LGU’s local income has also increased because of certification fees and payments of arrearages. Red tape has been done away with in the local government and there is a simplified, rapid and fast acquisition of land titles. LGU Maribojoc has taken an active part in the land adjudication survey, and it will continue until all landowners will be issued a legal document confirming ownership of their land. It is no less a significant factor in alleviating poverty. LGU Maribojoc Leoncio B. Evasco, JR. Municipal Mayor Oscar Francisco E. Valles Executive Chief of Staff / Chief Administrative Officer Melonita C. Remperas Municipal Assessor Contact No. 504-9979
VII Bohol Maribojoc “Binhi sa Panginabuhian” Demo Farm 2010 Barangay Bayacabac, Maribojoc, Bohol A Home-Based Agriculture – family-based productivity initiatives geared toward food sufficiency within the immediate participating farm/fishing families through the conduct of intensive multi farming-fishing-forestry system. 1. Organic Production (Vermi Composting/Vermi Cast Production/ Vermi Culture/Vermi Dispersal) 2. Expanded Livestock Dispersals (native chicken, goats, cattle, swine)\\ Animal Health Care in the forms of treatment, vaccination, deworming, and castration are likewise being provided. Other technical assistance is made available such as Artificial Insemination (AI) or natural breeding. 3. Capability Building – Technologies are transferred to farm/fishing families by way of regular demonstrations and other related skills transfer process Barangay Bayacabac, Maribojoc, Bohol Leoncio B. Evasco, Jr. Municipal Mayor Oscar Francisco E. Valles Executive Chief of Staff / Chief Administrative Officer Maria Eva E. Bolasco Municipal Agricultural Officer Reyland P. Jabonillo Livestock Technician Contact No. 504-9979
VII Bohol San Isidro None None None None None None
VII Bohol Sikatuna None None None None None None
VII Bohol Trinidad Re-use, Reduce, Recycle or 3Rs 2015 This program is pursuant to the provision on 25% waste diversion of RA 9003. To facilitate this process, the LGU provide incentive on the adoption of 3Rs (Reuse, Reduce, Recycle) including the best by-products generated from recycled materials. All 20 barangays all public and private schools Mr. Hilario Felias Focal Person office of MPDO Incentive and Awards System
VII Bohol Trinidad Municipal Ecological Solid Waste Management Monitoring and Evaluation of Barangays and Elementary and High Schools 2014 An evaluating team from MLGU conducts assessment on the compliance of barangay government to RA 9003 and the participation of schools in solid waste management specific areas of assessment are: Establishment of Composition Facility; Proper Segregation of Solid Waste; Functionality of BESWMC; Ordinances/Resolutions related to SWM; Innovations of schools and barangays; Budget Allocated. Cover all 20 component barangays Engr. Marvis G. Dellosa, MPDO or Mr. Belarmino Auxilio-SWM Focal Person This is an awards and incentives system where the MLGU provides incentives to best performing barangay and schools
VII Bohol Trinidad Partnership of MLGU and Barangay Poblacion in the Implementation of RA 9003 or the Solid Waste Management Act. 2014 Barangay Poblacion as host to most of the Solid Waste generators played a crucial role in Solid Waste Management of the LGU. Thus, a MOA was entered into by MLGU and Barangay Poblacion which provides additional honorarium to Barangay Tanod who was utilized as solid waste management enforcers Poblacion, Trinidad Engr. Marvis G. Dellosa, Mr. Leo Petarco and Mr. Belarmino Auxilio The MLGU provides additional honorarium to Barangay Tanod on top of their regular honorarium provided by the barangay.
VII Bohol Trinidad Gagmayng Basura Ibutang sa Bulsa Program 2011 The program covers only elementary schools in 6 barangays and another 6 barangays for expansion for SY 2015-2016. Specifically, the initiative provide schools supplies in exchange for solid waste generated by pupils which will be measured in terms of weights. 6 barangays and another 6 for SY 2015-2016 Mr. Leo Petarco-Focal Person office of MPDOs. Provision of school supplies is done during the opening of classes.
VII Bohol Tubigon Stimulation & Therapeutic Activity Center (STAC) 2008 The Stimulation and Therapeutic Activity Center (STAC) is where Breaking Barriers of Children (BBC) provides free comprehensive rehabilitation services to children with disabilities. It is designed to uplift the situation of poor Filipino children with disabilities aged 0-14 years. It also serves as an informal venue for socialization for physically and mentally challenged children and their families. In 2011, the maintenance, safekeeping and operation of the center was turned over by the provincial government to the municipality. MSWDO, Tubigon, Bohol Victoria Simbajon/Frances Saletrero (038) 508-8286 Reduction of child mortality -Children’s welfare and development
VII Bohol Tubigon Tubigon Waterworks System A municipal-wide installation of waterworks system to provide access to potable water that benefited households of the twelve (12) barangays – Bunacan, Bosongon, Buenos Aires, Cabulijan, Centro, Macaas, Pinayagan Norte, Potohan, Pooc Oriental, Pooc Occidental, Tinangnan and Ubojan. Recently, more expansion works have been done through the BuB/GPBP program. Tubigon, Bohol Engr. Ronaldo Arcayos (038)508-8812 Ensure environmental sustainability -Water and sanitation
VII Bohol Tubigon Tubigon Culture, Arts & heritage Office 2010 This is an active section/council/office in the local government unit that produces/undertakes endeavors to promote the tourism, culture, arts and heritage of the municipality, making way to the renowned Tubigon TANDA Festival every month of May highlighting the annual street dancing competition and parade. The yearly Anyag sa Tubigon beauty pageant is spearheaded by this office producing back-to-back beauty queens from Tubigon in the Miss Bohol Sandugo in 2010 and 2011.The office is also responsible in the annual Christmas Lights On Ceremony, Arts Festival, Foundation Day celebration among others and closely supporting and coordinating the Lungsoranon Performing Arts Ensemble (LUPAE). Tubigon, Bohol Analili B. Nacorda (038)508-8496 Tourism Development and Arts & Cultural Development

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