Death Benefits

Name of Barangay Official



Name of Claimant

Date Received



Antonio M. Prejan SBM Mandawa, Bien Unido Rebecca Q. Prejan 2015-02-25 PhP12,000.00 Claimed
Francisca P. Rana SBM Odiong, Jagna Isabela R. Rana 2015-02-25 PhP12,000.00 Claimed
Alejandra T. Podelino SBM Villalimpia, Loay Philip Michael P. Ofamin 2015-02-25 PhP12,000.00 Claimed
Florentino M. Medequiso, Jr. SBM Tangnan, Loon Tita M. Medequiso 2015-02-25 PhP12,000.00 Claimed
Joel A. Torreon PB Taytay, Getafe Pastora T. Lambojon 2015-03-11 PhP22,000.00 Available
Emmanuel A. Pagalan SBM Tuburan, Bien Unido Evangelin S. Pagalan 2015-03-13 PhP12,000.00 Available
Jose Walter A. Lumictin SBM Banlasan, Tubigon Mylin R. Lumictin 2015-03-25 PhP12,000.00 Available
Leonarda M. Opalla SBM Lapacan Norte, Inabanga Teofilo Opalla 2015-04-07 PhP12,000.00 Available
Vivencia H. Boncales SBM San Isidro, San Miguel Pablo Boncales 2015-04-07 PhP12,000.00 Available
Francisco B. Quimado SBM Tanday, Baclayon Zantifa A. Quimado 2015-04-15 PhP12,000.00 On process
Isimiro A. Garsuta PB Sto. Rosario, Antequera Annalie P. Garsuta 2015-04-15 PhP22,000.00 On process
Buenaventura M. Butawan SBM Cayacay, Alicia Florencia Y. Butawan 2015-04-23 PhP12,000.00 On process
Eutemio A. Muñez SBM Causawagan Norte, Catigbian Fora A. Muñez 2015-05-04 PhP12,000.00 On process
Marciano L. Tocmo SBM Bagtic, Catigbian Anita A. Tocmo 2015-05-11 PhP12,000.00 On process
Rene V. Buates PB East Poblacion, Alburquerque Marilyn P. Buates 2015-05-14 PhP22,000.00 On process
Modesto S. Torregosa SBM Lapacan Norte, Buenavista Florentina B. Torregosa 2015-05-14 PhP12,000.00 On process
Bonifacio P. Gozon SBM Nocnocan, Talibon Nena V. Gozon 2015-05-18 PhP12,000.00 On process
Isidro G. Puliran SBM Dangay, Alburquerque Annalisa R. Bangahon 2015-05-26 PhP12,000.00 On process

1) Death Certificate
2) Oath of Office
3) Certificate of Incumbency
4) Marriage Certificate (If the claimant is the widow/widower)
5) Birth Certificate of the claimant to show proof of relationship to the deceased barangay official duly authenticated by the local civil registrar)
6) If single, birth certificate of the deceased or affidavit of two disinterested parties (If the claimant is a parent)

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